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When you see potential in a forgotten part of your town, Residential Realty Advisors, RRA wants to help you fulfill your vision to bring life back to these neighborhoods. We are a real estate advisory firm that deals with multi-family residential projects. From marketing to condo development and renovations, we work with developers to create living space for prospective buyers in cities across the United States.

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Experience, communication, and the connections to the right people are important when you're trying to develop or convert a building into a notable establishment in your city. As a former architect and real estate broker, our owner, Steven Rockmore, understands how the structure of a building works into your plans. We have the imagination, creativity, and the persistence to fulfill your vision. If you're looking for a real estate advisory firm that understands the latest residential project trends and how to improve sales values, you can trust RRA. Recommendations are available upon request.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is work with closely with developers on their new or repurposed multi-family projects to improve value in the market.


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